About Us

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Apertio, which means "Opening" in Latin, comes from a strong will to fill out the aperture or gap created by diseases and germs, and allowing ones access to a safer work environment.

We are a Canadian-based corporation dedicated to use technology to better serve individuals & businesses. We aim to find innovative solutions to tackle some of the challenges humanity is facing.

Our goal is to provide businesses and public establishments with innovative and automated ways to ensure the health and safety of everyone from employees to visitors.

With high-quality products made in Canada, and our partners that have over 10 years of experience in manufacturing, Physical security and IT services, we provide innovative protection systems for you and your business, while using the power of new technologies to ensure good hygienic practices are kept.



Custom Design

We offer the analysis, design and modeling of our products according to your business needs and environment.

Timely Delivery

We ensure fast delivery and support in installing the products in your establishment.

Competitive Price

We provide affordable and high quality stainless steel equipments for businesses in various industries.

R & D Ability

We invest heavily in R&D to constantly improve our offerings and to better accompany your business.

Quality Control

Our team of expert ensures product quality is maintained or improved from its conception to its installation in your establishment.

Full Warranty

Our products come with a 1-year comprehensive warranty that provides a complete coverage for repairs and replacement of any defect including labor & material for repairs.

Customer Service

Skillful Team

Our team of professionals is dedicated to answer all your questions and needs regarding your business security. Our collaborative approach and attention to details are what sets us apart.

Let's start something great together!