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Our customers are at the centre of our concerns and our Sales are  at the cornerstone of our company. As we are focused on delivering the best customer experience, we are fully committed to give back to our Partners. Our commitment is reflected through our partner program. We firmly believe that our employees & partners represent the market we serve. They give us greater consumer insight, creative ideas and real-time market innovation.

We currently have 2 job openings: Sales Agent & Distributor.

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Join our Partner program!


Promote the company’s goods and services to potential buyers and facilitate the signing of sales contracts between the company and its clients.


Enrich your products and services offering with our lines of product. Deliver a diverse product portfolio which meets your customers’ specific business and technology needs while helping them re-open safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Company Culture

We are passionate about solving problems and enforcing safety for businesses in various industries. Our culture is our people. Our company is a great place for smart, tech savvy and entrepreneurial individuals looking to change the nature of how companies operate. We offer a unique remote culture that thrives on collaboration, diversity, transparency, communication and fun.