Automated All in One Solution

A nice and practical solution for today’s market. IgieneCam is primarily used to screen people’s body temperatures, check that face masks are properly worn and distribute hand sanitizer before granting access.

Strong & Stylish Design

Made with stainless steel, the station complies with strict standards of hygiene and can be customized in the image of your company.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Made in Canada. We guarantee that this product will be free of manufacturing defect for one (1) year following the delivery.

Automate the Entry Process in your premises

IgieneCam monitoring combines automation and artificial intelligence to offer a simple, manageable and easily scalable all in one solution that can be deployed in any entry point.

The automated system ensures that the visitor has passed the temperature check, distribution of the sanitization solution is effective, the wearing of a face covering mask (which can be enforced) before granting access. Additionally, It can be set to only permit entry to employee present on the Database along with the above mentioned steps.

It’s a simple & efficient way of securing your premises while taking care of the collective health of your employees, customers, visitors.

Benefits include:

Certifications :

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.

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